Farm Services

Some of the services that we provide to our farm clients are:

  • On call vet – available 24 hours a day
  • Examination of sick animals
  • Fertility management:
    • using ultrasound scanner
    • Interherd Beuro available – we do the paperwork!
  • Herd/flock health planning
  • Foot trimming – using our WOPA crush and foot grinder
  • Bull and Ram fertility testing
  • Mastitis investigation, including cell count problems
  • Informative practice meetings
  • Lambing club
  • BVD Stamp it out Scheme

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In this section:

Egremont Surgery
55 Main Street
CA22 2DB

Tel: 01946 820312
Whitehaven Surgery
Preston Street
CA28 9DL

Tel: 01946 693303